About the Author

Name: Nicola Donati
Profession: IT Business Analyst

About Photography

First, light. Everything else follows, for light is the language of photography as well as its raw material. As a poet uses words, so a photographer uses light.
— Joe Cornish

I've been into fine art photography as a hobby since 2002. Over the years, my preferred subjects and my equipment have changed, as has my style.

One constant that has been there all the time however is a love for being outdoors enjoying nature in wonderful places, always looking for new subjects and particular light conditions, as well as meeting other people with similar interests.

Taking good pictures can be learned, to some extent. Apart from being outside and taking pictures, I believe that looking at pictures can also train the inner eye of a photographer. As a landscape photographer, I enjoy looking at the pictures of photographers such as Joe Cornish, Chris Coe, Galen Rowell, or John Shaw. What makes a good picture in the classical sense has not changed over the last centuries; paintings from the Dutch Golden Age or the work of German painter Caspar David Friedrich can be very inspiring.

The Role of Equipment

I had bought a Canon 20D in 2006 and kept it for six years. During that time I only bought a few lenses and filters. I believe that to create good pictures the photographer behind the camera is much more important than the camera itself. I could work perfectly fine with the same camera for many years. A good and modern camera might create technically good pictures — but not automatically artistically good pictures.

Currently, I use a Canon 5D Mark III full-frame camera; the main reason for upgrading from my old Canon 20D was actually the larger viewfinder, which is much more comfortable to use than a smaller APS-C viewfinder. I've been using mostly the same lenses for many years now, and am very fond of some of them, such as the 24/2.8 prime and the 70-200/4 tele zoom.

And yet, when I come across an unexpected scenery, even my cell phone has proven to be capable of capturing usable pictures!

About this Website

On this website I present a condensed portfolio of my work as an amateur photographer over the last years. In 2012, it underwent a major update was enhanced to support the Retina displays of devices such as the Apple iPad 3 and the 2012 Apple MacBook Pro.

In early 2016, the website was completely rewritten, this time using the Skeleton CSS boilerplate to make it responsive and adapt to the smaller displays of mobile devices. The design was also slightly reworked and given a somewhat more modern look.

What is an Ohmu?

In the epic manga "Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind" written by Hayao Miyazaki, the Ohmu are huge insects and leaders of the Forest. The kanji characters used for Ohmu are "King" and "Insect", so it means "King Insect" or "King of Insects". Therefore, since I liked Miyazaki's manga so much and it's a short and catchy name, I decided to choose the Ohmu as this website's URL.